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    Your digital journey as a hospitality provider starts here. Meet Vincitables, your Maître ‘T. With a T for technology. Empowering you to improve your brand, your revenue, and your guest experiences through a single cloud-based platform. Entrée.


Software at
your service

Your digital journey as a hospitality provider starts here. Meet Vincitables, your Maître ‘T. With a T for technology. Empowering you to improve your brand, your revenue, and your guest experiences through a single cloud-based platform. Entrée.

Serving digitization in Hospitality

Day in day out, you deliver exceptional experiences. With the analog and digital world intertwining, you are now asked to cater to both. That’s not an easy feat. Vincitables believes in providing technology that helps you remain in full control of the guest experience. In the way you curated it. Simple and sophisticated, from tech to table. Ready for service?

Restaurant Chains

When consistency means everything. The dining experience in restaurant chains requires identical execution. That means aligned, interoperable systems.

Independent Restaurants

Your identity is your gift. It is vital that your technological support adds value to your individuality. Do away with disjointed systems in favor of a single customized solution.

Hotels & Resorts

From reception, to room, to restaurant, to journey. Let all components that assist in your daily operation work in harmony. Delivering a seamless and rich guest experience.

Built to serve you

Vincitables is a cloud-based platform to manage all your hospitality services from one touchpoint. Adding value to your guests, your profits, and your reputation. These are some of our core features:
  • Table and schedule optimization
  • Guest experience management
  • Customizable CRM (guests and partners)
  • POS integration
  • Fee and promotions setup
  • Digital order processing

One seamless digital operation

One seamless digital operation

Table management

Optimize your daily covers and improve operational efficiency


Regain full control over your guest reservations and service.


Easily manage your pick-up orders directly from your website.


Stay independent and curate the delivery service precisely the way you intended it.

Digital Menu

Create visually stunning menus, customizable per audience and always up to date.

Your #1 hospitality software solution


Optimize your covers

Get the most out of your dining rooms.
Implement table management to maximize capacity and enhance profitability through operational efficiency.

Seating Algorithm

Algorithm-enhanced table management to maximize capacity and time management

Business Intelligence

Full access to sales and reservation reports with easy-to-navigate dashboards.

Better Bookings

Add value throughout the whole customer journey: before, during and after service. Vincitables guest reservations management is fully customizable.
Packed with smart tools aimed to help you deliver the best experience.


Connect your CRM with your POS system to create outstanding guest experiences.


Categorize customers according to dietary wishes, spending history and preferences.

Smooth Takeaway System

Keep your orders in house and stay in full control of the process. Vincitables Takeaway system lets you pick up orders straight from your website with different payment options, promotions and discounts.

Menu Management

Real-time menu management to keep customers up-to-date on menu availability and options

Create Promotions

Give a little extra by setting up promotions and discount codes.

The table experience comes home

No more diluting your brand and profit margin through third-party delivery providers. Vincitables Delivery service is designed for you to stay independent and curate the service precisely how you intended it.

Aligned operations

Set the rules with regards to delivery radius, payment options and couriers management, and align your kitchen, couriers, and guests.

Improve revenues

Keep your delivery service in-house and see your margins take off.

Manage your Menus online

Do away with pdf uploads and outdated menus. Create visually stunning digital menus that are always connected to your back-office and the front of the house. Mobile-friendly, customizable, and easily updated.

Order management

Give your guests the option to order directly from the menu via QR code, or keep it the old-fashioned way. You’re in control.

Multilingual support

Cater to guests from every corner of the world and make them feel cared for with a multilingual menu.
> 600 Users
1.2M Reservations
4M Covers
775K Guests
< 0,9% No-shows
< 5% Cancellations
> 250K Take away
> 175K Delivery

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How may we be of service to you?

How may we be of service to you?
How much does Vincitables cost?
Vincitables is a SaaS solution and our pricing policy is based on a fixed monthly subscription fee, per hospitality business. No cost per cover or booking, no surprises. Contact us to know more about our pricing details.
What if my business only needs one of the features?
Vincitables combines multiple services into one powerful platform. However, you have the flexibility to choose the features that are applicable to your business needs. As your business grows or other needs arise, you can simply pick and choose additional services and expand your value creation.
Is it possible to migrate my data from a previous system?
Yes. We can help you with the migration of data from another app to Vincitables. We make sure you keep your restaurant sales history and future bookings, in a smooth and cost-free transition. Please contact us to know more about data migration.
Do I need to sign a long-term contract with Vincitables?
No. You can cancel or pause Vincitables according to your needs. Also, in case your hospitality business has seasonal operations, we have your back. No subscription fee is applied during the period that your doors are closed.
I want to join. How long does it take until we can start?
Implementing Vincitables is done - almost - at the push of a button. Get in touch with us today to plan your setup and you can go live in a matter of hours.

What our clients say about Vincitables

What our clients say about Vincitables

  • "The solution offered by VINCITABLES was fundamental for our digitalization strategy. The process had to be accelerated given the new reality we are living in. At this moment, every restaurant and bar of our resorts are using VINCITABLES digital menus. Also, we extended the reservations system to other services as beach chairs and balinese’s, fitness classes and children activities. More recently, we expanded restaurants delivery service and VINCITABLES was again the chosen solution. The support given by VINCITABLES team during all the process of setup, implementation and post go live has been exceptional. We couldn´t be happier with our partnership."
    Bruno Silvério | Marketing Director - United Investments Portugal
  • Working with VINCITABLES has been an excellent experience for Quinta do Lago. The product has proved to be an incredibly versatile and dynamic solution, fitting the needs of our business and also our client´s. The support delivered by VINCITABLES gives us full confidence to say that our guest´s reservations are managed with the maximum level of quality, which is an essential factor for us
    Flávio Cruz | F&B Assistant Manager
  • We are very proud of our parternship with VINCITABLES. The platform constantly adds value to our operations providing us the right tools to face our day to day challenges, specially in the context we are living in at the moment. VINCITABLES team has a clear capacity to adapt and deliver the right solutions. The experience for our customers is easy going and intuitive, either in the digital menu usage or the online take away and delivery shops
    Rui Jácome e António Carrilho
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